Poker study

poker study

Introduction Some decades ago, people would just play poker, think about hands on their own, and maybe read one of the few poker books that. The Smart Poker Study blog is dedicated to making YOU a better poker player day by day thru podcasts, blogs and videos with simple & proven strategies. Welcome to the second episode of The Official Red Chip Poker Podcast! This episode “How do you study poker and continue to improve? What's one thing.

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What if you were holding a better hand? There are other social aspects to forums that are often overlooked as well. Hey Split Love the podcast, something new and fresh… I was wondering if you have anything on You tube or planning an episode on the topic of standard of operation. Outs and Odds Smart Poker Study Podcast 45 March 15th, Calculating your outs and odds are super important to profitably draw to made hands on the flop and turn. Check out the first 6 minutes of the video below…but remember there are more hands and more tips throughout the rest of the video! Find out how here!

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We post on everything from cash games to tournaments and everything in between, so I definitely suggest checking that out. Therefore our final group of lessons all focus on the winning poker skills:. Hand Reading Step by Step Poker Podcast January 25th, I give you my 4 step process to effective hand reading. Get prepared to study, so you can be prepared to profit when you play. If you have friends that are interested in the same games and stakes, you can discuss hands with them.


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